Your letter of fate or your palm leaf shows the optimum and ideal life path, that you are able to accomplish and if you follow that, you can achieve all the best in your life. It is important to understand and accept, that this ideal life will not be realized or happen automatically, as you are not a passive passenger on a train which moves regardless of you.
Your life is determined by your decisions and your actions. Your fate, your life purpose determines the main direction as a riverbed. There are certain events and nodes, that you will probably go through them. But the quality of those, it’s highly up to you.

For example, if there is a possibility for you to win something, it does matter whether you have bought a scratch card or lottery ticket or you are still waiting to meet someone putting it into your hands. Possibility means that padlocks on your door have already opened. But it is still you who has to both open and enter that door. It is pretty much worthless to apply for a language course and not visit the courses, not prepare for the lessons - in this way you won’t learn a new language.

Forces and counterforces, cause and effect. To realize change, you must take the first step. This is what the cleansing tasks are about. They are called pujas, which means working on ourselves, rites and pushing our limits. Take your pujas, work on yourself, work for yourself. We had hundreds of feedbacks from our guests, and it seems more than obvious, that those, who
- would like to lead a happy life
- are willing to work for themselves
- are good person, filled with love and faith in their heart
- take the guidance and do what’s written in their leaves
- perform the suggested tasks and strive to deepen their faith and love
those are very likely to be able to let go of current hardships and will be able to lead their lives into a happier, more balanced and positive direction.

The task you have been given, are for you, they are addressed to you. It is up to you whether you perform those. You don’t have to report about them to me, neither to anyone else. It is only yourself who you are responsible for. It is your decision, whether your own happiness is worthy enough to make efforts for it.
Cleansing tasks or the so-called pujas are divided into different stages. On the following pages there are tons of information regarding the different types, units, gods, mantras and rites.

Your happiness is important to us. Should you have any questions regarding pujas, or you feel blocked in your process and need advice to perform your tasks, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find all of our contact information on the top of this site.

I wish you a happy life rich in success, good health, love and balance!

Zoltán Gábor Lukács
Palm Leaf Reading International

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